Ella Curran

Below is the written explanation of the artist’s Sustained Investigation. To view the full images and details of each piece, click/tap on the thumbnail.

Collaborative storytelling allows people express themselves creatively while connecting with others. Over the past year, technology has allowed this practice to continue, and has helped relieve the stress of isolation. For my sustained investigation, I chose to focus on the ways that storytelling helps people find themselves by exploring how characters reflect elements of a storyteller’s identity. In doing this, I focused on 5 expressions of identity: culture, gender, maturity, relationships, and purpose. Culture connects us with others, allows us to adapt traditions into our lives, and gives us a way to share traditions with others. Images 1 and 12 depict culture, as these characters reflect the storytellers’ cultural identity. Gender is a deeply personal facet of one’s identity. It shapes how we present ourselves and how we wish to be seen.

Sustained Investigation

Selected Works