Hoa Hoang

Below is the written explanation of the artist’s Sustained Investigation. To view the full images and details of each piece, click/tap on the thumbnail.

1. I wanted to explore the complexity of the women’s experience showing the outer and inner layer of a women’s vulnerability and esteem. I focused on the concept of having a first impression of simplicity and happiness than suddenly a break from character to go more into harsh reality. I did this as a big emphasis on societal pressures and reckless human behavior that are a result of those pressures. 

2. The first five concentrations are focusing on the outer layer showing happy experiences shared between women either in a romantic or platonic sense to reflect the perception of innocence. I experimented with environments and anatomy to make the image more scenic so the viewers can focus on the mood and tone, then an abrupt shift in style showing expressive portraits of each woman from the last five pieces. I utilized this to show a reality check showcasing women going through physical and mental obstacles such as drug abuse, low confidence, manipulations, depression, and anger. Societal pressures and a patriarchal system have twisted how women should look and act; basing our self values on superficial amenities and I wanted to show the consequences of those repressions and burdens.