Kendall Jeong

Below is the written explanation of the artist’s Sustained Investigation. To view the full images and details of each piece, click/tap on the thumbnail.

My sustained investigation explores female Greek goddesses under a modern context. Each goddess is illustrated alongside a matching issue/topic that women in today’s society experience. For example, Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love, is depicted with the theme of body acceptance, while Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy, is depicted with the theme of sexist professional stereotypes. These modern topics directly relate to the symbols that each goddess represents. In doing so, my sustained investigation aims to showcase the timeless quality of female struggles and experiences, from the Hellenistic age up to the 21st century. Specifically concerning the pieces that discuss female struggles, such as domestic abuse and infidelity, these pieces are meant to glorify the women. Despite their unideal situation, the struggle is still depicted as experienced by a goddess, a venerable symbol of power, implying the hidden strength of women who have had these experiences.

In order to create this sustained investigation, research into Greek mythology, symbolism, and modern culture was necessary. Each piece combines various sources of information with my own personal techniques.

Sustained Investigation

Selected Works