Laura Kramer

Below is the written explanation of the artist’s Sustained Investigation. To view the full images and details of each piece, click/tap on the thumbnail.

The aim of this concentration is to represent abstract concepts – feelings, ideas, etc. – with mythical creatures. Throughout human history, people have used mythical creatures in their stories and art as a vessel to represent ideas, ideologies, and fears that could not be so easily said outright, and my goal was to do the same using a variety of mythical creatures, shading and lighting styles, and depicting how said creatures interact with the humans and backgrounds in the pieces. 

For darker pieces like #10 – Fear of the Dark – and #7 – the Feeling of Liberation – I employed heavy linework and shading for a dramatic effect. Concepts with a lighter feeling to them, like #5 – Victory – and #2 – Self Love -, are depicted using almost entirely watercolor to shade to create a brighter feeling and more saturated colors convey their positive ideas.
The mythology behind each creature was important to what they represent here. The Bean Sidhes in #4 – Anxiety – are known for haunting people with predictions of their death, creating the looming feeling that anxiety in real life does. The Maenads in #7 were followers of Dionysus and were women from every walk of life, liberated.