Nicole Miravite

Below is the written explanation of the artist’s Sustained Investigation. To view the full images and details of each piece, click/tap on the thumbnail.

How can I depict the stages of the Hero’s Journey while conveying character development in single pieces? 

My initial idea was to use color to convey the protagonist’s perception of what is happening around him. The first piece, depicting “Ordinary World”, consists of a warm color palette to symbolize the protagonist’s comfort with his life prior to the conflict introduced in the next piece. From “Call to Adventure” onward, the use of cooler tones and more eye-catching colors are meant to symbolize that which is new or foreign to the protagonist, including the antagonist, and the forest which the protagonist enters in “Crossing the Threshold”. 

The sustained investigation as a whole consisted of experimenting with mediums which i was not used to prior to it. I also experimented with sizing, ranging from 18×24 to less than 4×6 to challenge my abilities to provide details in various pieces.